Collaborate on Slides

Shared editing and per-slide feedback on presentations

Super excited to unveil the top-most requested feature on Slides: shared editing of presentations! With Collaborate on Slides, each presentation is a shared workspace for viewing, commenting and editing with your collaborators. As the presentation owner, you have full control over how others can access your presentation. And, since editing and commenting is done in real-time, it's easy for everyone to follow along and instantly provide feedback, saving lots of time in the process. To celebrate the launch, we’re offering 20% off all paid plans (through June 1). Use this link to sign up: Would love to hear your feedback!
Been following slides ever since it was just a standalone open source lib and loving it all the way through! Here's hoping that the biz plan works out and Google should look at acquiring to build out their glaring presentation omission from drive!
@fisch0920 thanks for the kind words, Travis!