Colibri WP

WordPress site builder that gives you design superpowers

Colibri takes the WordPress Customizer to the next level turning it into a full featured site builder.
This way you can customize your entire website in a single interface, including header, page content, footer, navigation, global and individual styling.
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Hi everyone, I'm super happy to launch Colibri on ProductHunt today! Please don't hesitate to post your questions and comments. We'll be more than happy to answer them all!
While this looks like a nice pagebuilder I'm surprised you didn't build it off the block editor since that's the future of WordPress.
@scottwyden While the block editor is definitely the future of content writing in WordPress, at least at this stage, its not a tool for web design. We preferred to integrate with the Customizer so the user would be able to edit the entire page (including header, footer, etc) in a single interface.
@horea_radu1 We'll have to disagree on that one. There are already numerous page builders built on the new block editor. Each of which are doing very well. Heck, GoDaddy even acquired one not long ago.
@scottwyden @horea_radu1 Fair enough. It looks great the way you built it.
Why would I work with this and not one of the more popular builders like Elementor?
@thekarlsen Our main differentiator is the fact that you can edit the entire website using Colibri (including header, footer, blog, etc). So you only need one product to build your website instead of two (a theme and a page builder). Also, with Colibri Cloud you can create websites in your Colibri account and easily share them with clients or collaborators. When you're ready, you can publish to any hosting with just a few clicks. In terms of flexibility and features Colibri is comparable to Elementor and other popular page builders.
@horea_radu1 Cool. That sounds like some promising features. I might have to check it out sometime.
Is the Colibri WP server down? Can't input pro license for client nor login to web app??