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I don't get it? Why is this better than Chrome for example? Why should I use this? I have 30 tabs open right now and I love them.
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@henrikharju Having 30 tabs opened all the time is resource intensive. Sometimes, you just want to view one page, and do not need the other 30 tabs.
@steverandy Resource intensive? As in for my computer? I don't care about my computers resources... that's not a good enough reason, or a problem even... "Sometimes, you just want to view one page and do not need the other 30 tabs" --> I close them? I still don't get it. WHY should I use this instead of Chrome?
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@henrikharju @steverandy Henrik is right. You are solving problem for the computer, not the user who uses it.
>Sometimes, you just want to view one page @steverandy @henrikharju What about when you want to view more than one page
@benedictslaney @henrikharju You can use Links to switch between the pages. Or open multiple windows.
I like the minimalist design and the signup process. However, I don’t understand what the innovation is here. Sure you removed tabs, and stripped the UI of pretty much everything, but didn’t replace tabs or the address bar with a more sensible solution. Calibri is forcing me to make more effort to surf the web compared to Chrome or Safari. This is the classic minimalist approach that sacrifices usability for aesthetics. - Takes multiple clicks to surf to a new address. - Without tabs, I’m guessing the idea of Calibri is that people should browse the internet in a linear, single-window fashion, one page at a time. This isn’t ideal, and is the reason Tabs became so popular—open up multiple links at once while scrolling through your favorite websites, then read them later, cross reference between them, etc. - There’s no hotkeys to quickly surf to a new address, go back or open up my links. - Links and Lists are simply bookmarks and bookmark folders, which other browsers have (and no way to import my bookmarks from other browsers). And the fact that you organized Links and Lists in tabs seems to be at odds with your overall goal of proving that no tabs is better. I’m a fan of new solutions that make things simpler, and can appreciate the effort here, but in the case of Calibri, I feel it’s made my surfing experience more cumbersome and tedious by removing things without providing a new solution. I don’t think you can fly far with just the concept of “No tabs!” There needs to be a new solution here that enables people to consume the internet more efficiently.
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@pddro Keyboard shortcuts are available. You can click Help > Quick Guide in the app to view the shortcuts or view here: It's easy to add the current page to Links with Command-D. After that you can navigate elsewhere and keep adding pages that you want to revisit. When you want to view the Links, just press Command-T or Control-Tab.
A browser with no tabs!? Blasphemy.
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Worst tagline ever. I love my tabs. Its like saying you've invented a horse with no legs. Tell us about your amazing car!
Removing features is innovative now? This is nothing more than a regular browser in fullscreen mode.