Cold Email

Curated emails to reach out to investors, press, partners

A growing collection of some of the best templates and samples we've found for cold emailing investors, press, business partners, organised by tags based on usage, audience, and attributes.

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Hi ProductHunters! This is a simple tool born out of my need to get better at writing email to people I didn't know. Reaching out to people via email is an art form I have yet to master, so I collected a bunch of email samples and templates to use as base when I need to reach out to someone new. (which, it turns out, to be something I have to do often while raising funds for Markd ) There are a lot of great resources on this topic out there, but instead of having many tabs open while I try to find the right email example, I thought I'd be useful to have them all in one place. So I collected these into an Airtable spreadsheet and turn it into a microsite. It's a quick side-project - hope others will find it useful! Please feel free to suggest resources / places I can find more samples / templates to add to it. Thanks!
Helpful idea!
@shun_yamada Thanks Shun. Glad you find it useful! πŸ˜ƒ
Nicely done! Maybe in the future, you would want to add some ranking based on response rate as well as similar criteria
@footer That's a nice idea. Perhaps some sort of voting mechanism. πŸ€”
Is there a way to save this base to my Airtable Account?
@philip_bassham hmm I had a quick look and it doesn't seem to give me the option to allow public saving/copying. I can export it out to cvs if you prefer to have an offline copy. email me πŸ˜‰