Cold Email Analyzer by Mailshake

Real-time analysis of email subject lines and copy


Increase engagement on your cold emails by improving deliverability and readability with Cold Email Analyzer by Mailshake.

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Luiz Centenaro
Alin Vlad
Ian Cleary
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  • Luiz Centenaro
    Luiz CentenaroDigital Marketing Consultant

    • Catches all common spam trigger words

    • Gives advice on copy

    • Gives advice on subject lines

    • Tells you if you have too many links


    • You'll spend an extra 10 minutes actually writing a good email

    • If you work in insurance, all your emails might be flagged as spam 😅

    As the Head of Customer Success at Mailshake I utilize the Cold Email Analyzer daily. We offer campaign reviews to help our customers succeed with email outreach and 99% of what we say in those reviews is also reflected in the cold email analyzer. It's an incredible way to help customers succeed with cold email, it has data points from millions of campaigns and is constantly updated.

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  • Ian Cleary
    Ian ClearyFounder of OutreachPlus and Razorsocial

    Super useful tool that improves delivery on emails



    It's getting trickier and tricker to send cold outreach emails so it's really important that I capture any ones that may be possibly caught as spam. This tool really helps get around this.

    Ian Cleary has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Gives recommendations as you write

    Genuinely improves deliverability and especially readability


    Would be interested to see the thinking behind their recommendations. They make intuitive sense but I'd like to see it spelled out.

    Does exactly what it says. Does a good job of keeping you honest while you write. For me, it's a reminder to put plenty of white space, shorten up my subject lines, etc.

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  • Val Geisler
    Val Geisleremail marketer, CX fixer

    cold emails suck, this makes them better


    it didn't exist until now

    Most people hate cold emails. They're largely impersonal, unclear, and feel like spam. Any help is better than no help but this tool goes a step further. Not only does it identify problems, it offers solutions. And that's what we need - more solutions to a big problem.

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