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#3 Product of the WeekJuly 26, 2017

Mailshake is an easy to use and low cost solution to send outreach emails for sales prospecting, link building, securing guest post and building relationships.

  • Ryan Farley
    Ryan FarleyLawnStarter

    Super simple and easy to use. Highly intuitive.


    None really

    First off - contrary to what the sole negative reviewer Kamil says - the price is excellent. I'm pretty sure my Netflix subscription costs more than Mailshake. Not sure what his beef is, but Mailshake is a drop in the bucket and quite frankly should cost a lot more for what it offers.

    It's got every feature I need, and is incredibly easy to use. Tracking, autoreplies, liquid form fills. Great support too, and they always seem to be adding features.

    Ryan Farley has used this product for one year.
  • Aaron Orendorff
    Aaron OrendorffEiC at Shopify Plus

    BRILLIANT for simplifying and organizing influencer outreach …


    Integration with Google Drive

    I do A LOT of influencer outreach for original contributions at a host of publications. Mailshake dramatically simplifies the process and makes organizing my efforts and lists — as well as tracking responses and follow ups — far more effective than what I used to do with Gmail, Outlook, and Excel.

    Aaron Orendorff has used this product for one year.
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Sujan Patel
Sujan PatelMakerPro@sujanpatel · Co-Founder of Mailshake
Thanks for hunting us @bramk ! @colnmathews @bobsenoff and I are all very excited to be Product Hunt today. Mailshake officially launched in Dec 2016 and over the last 7 months has grown to nearly 10k customers with 10.8 million emails sent.. but we started off as a marketing tool called and in late 2015 we launched a simple tool to easily send cold emails called Connector. In the first 30 days, the usage of Connector passed our main product and within 90 days, revenue and daily usage passed our main product..that's when we knew we had something. We doubled down to build v2.0, ditched our other product and brought on @bobsenoff as a partner to help on the business side. While Colin was building v2.0, I went to town interviewing Connector customers and talking to our competitor's customers. Two things that always struck out to me during those chats. Sales professionals & marketers (or our ideal customers) wanted something simple and easy to use.. and everything people described seemed difficult or complicated. It was during an interview with a customer who ran a large sales organization that I had my "aha" moment. He told me that he loved Connector because he didn't have to train his employees. He gave them login and they figured it out on their own. That stuck with me and those two things are engrained in our company. Simple & easy to use. SIMPLE sounds easy but it's f'ing hard. "Easy to use" sound so simple but it's really complicated. I'd love any and all feedback :) P.S. the cold email that started it all Hugs & Kisses, Sujan Patel
Seth Louey
Seth Louey@sethlouey · 🙌 2017 & 2016 Maker of the Year Nominee
@bramk @colnmathews @bobsenoff @sujanpatel wow, this Mailshake looks amazingly simple to use! I'm going to try it with our BotList advertising strategies.
Jijo Sunny
Jijo SunnyPro@jijosunny · founder, and
@sujanpatel // He told me that he loved Connector because he didn't have to train his employees. He gave them login and they figured it out on their own. I can relate to this, 'cause that's exactly what I did. We've been using MailShake for outreach and we can't ask for a better tool. You've got a winner here!
Colin Mathews
Colin MathewsMakerHiring@colinmathews · Founder, Mailshake
@jijosunny Thank you 😁
Jeroen Corthout ☕
Jeroen Corthout ☕@jeroen_corthout · Co-Founder Salesflare
@bramk @colnmathews @bobsenoff @sujanpatel Awesome :-D Recommending Mailshake more and more often here btw to our customers at Salesflare. I even have a standard saved reply for it ;-)
Colin Mathews
Colin MathewsMakerHiring@colinmathews · Founder, Mailshake
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Together with @colinmathews and @bobsenoff, my buddy @sujanpatel has developed, what I think, is the easiest to use cold email tool I've ever seen. Lots of templates, using your Gmail, Zapier integration and much more. A must for anyone who sends out cold emails on a regular basis. 🖖
Colin Mathews
Colin MathewsMakerHiring@colinmathews · Founder, Mailshake
Thanks @bramk for hunting us! Hey guys, Colin here, dev behind Mailshake. This is a really exciting day for us. Thanks in no small way to the PH community, we get to share the culmination of a very organic evolution of work. Last year we shared an app with you called Connector which was an experiment born out of feedback from an even earlier product. We got great feedback here on PH, and Connector took off right away as a super simple email outreach tool. We immediately started working on Mailshake as it successor so we could create something truly on point, beautiful, and easy to use. Mailshake is the easiest-to-use cold email outreach tool out there. Mailshake works with any Gmail/G Suite account (you can use other services if you have a Gmail alias) and you can integrate with us via Zapier. We’ll be around all day answering questions and listening to your feedback!
Bob Senoff
Bob SenoffMakerHiring@bobsenoff
Thanks @bramk. We appreciate the recommendation and are glad to answer any questions.
Savvas Zortikis
Savvas Zortikis@savvaszortikis · Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
We use mailshake for our outbound strategy and works like charm! Keep up the great work guys 🙃