A marketplace for buying services with crypto

Coin Sparrow is is a crypto-concierge marketplace that allows people to conveniently access a wide range of product and service providers (Sparrows) on demand, and pay with Ethereum safely through our escrow-based smart contract.

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Jake Crump
Head of Support at Product Hunt
Hey @ianborders do you mind telling us a bit more about this product? What services would you like to add in the future?
Ian Borders
CEO, CoinSparrow
Thanks @jakecrump - Ultimately, my vision is to help be part of the movement to make crypto truly useful for everyday needs. The core of CoinSparrow is the escrow smart contract, in order to add a level of personal trust in what is meant to me a trustless system to begin with. We are using the broad term of 'crypto-concierge' and launched with a focus on travel, but in the spirit of decentralization, I feel the market will guide the true direction of the marketplace. In reality the marketplace could be used for any type of service-based transaction, and heavily modeled off the likes of fiverr.