All your crypto trades synchronized with no hassle

CoinsHub keeps all your Bitcoin and Altcoin cryptocurrency invesments in one app. You can synchronize in real-time all your exchanges and track your assets in detail.

CoinsHub supports multiple exchanges: binance, bitfinex, bittrex, coinbase, gdax, kraken, poloniex and so on.

You can see your portfolio balance in your fiat currency

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crypto wave also taking over producthunt? :D :D
I usually offload my coins into my hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S). It would be great to manually enter our off-site holdings as well.
@nyalex @kent_henderson as I said to @ernopp, this will be covered by the app in a near future ;-)

I have been using CryptoPort ( which support more exchanges. That app also shows profits in BTC / Fiat. Only small issue I have with that is that for showing profits, the initial investment is only in BTC or Fiat currency. No ETH support.

P.S: I am just a happy end user of the CryptoPort app. If this app evolves to be better, I will jump on this one surely.


Entering a good space. Nice attempt to solve a problem faced by many users.


Better product already exists for the space. This needs more work.

I agree! I appreciate your comments. Needs a ton of work in order to have deep information. We just wanted starting with something useful that we think is not made out there. And then iterate to give further insights, more integrations, an so on.
connected my binance and coinbase account with read access only. everything works perfectly. Cant believe its taken this long for someone to do this. that you.
@topappreview thanks!!!
Promising app! keep it up!!
@teo155 thanks!