CoinList Trade

A crypto exchange for the most impactful token projects

After two years of letting you invest in top token sales, we're letting you trade cryptoassets on CoinList. We're shipping:
- a unified interface from token sale to trading
- low fees, even for retail users
- the same trusted infrastructure as our token sales
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In the past couple years, we've been focused on powering the top token sales in crypto and helping token projects build their developer communities with online hackathons. But we always knew we wanted to go further down the financial services stack and build an exchange. After a year-plus of work, here we are! We’ll be launching in most US states and many non-US jurisdictions with BTC, ETH, ALGO, and USDC all tradeable — plus, we support fiat on- and off-ramps, so you can trade directly from your bank account. And we will soon be expanding both the assets offered and the jurisdictions supported. Most of all, we’re looking forward to building a smooth, unified experience for users, so that projects you invest in can distribute tokens directly into their CoinList wallets, and you'll be able to trade from there. No more painful token distribution processes — we want to eliminate ever needing to copy-and-paste wallet addresses to get your tokens. The whole CoinList team deserves credit for enabling this product, but especially: @paul1 @tubergen @tofti @milostatarevic @siddharth_ramakrishnan @leo_galley @grahamjenkin on product/eng @scottketo @matthieu_jobbe_duval on business We'd love to answer any questions you have! And please do sign up at
Big news, @andy_bromberg. This is a loaded question but what's been your biggest surprise in the wild world of crypto since CoinList started back in 2017?
@rrhoover How positive-sum everyone in the space is. It's unusual: (nearly) everyone building products in crypto recognizes that we all win if crypto gets orders of magnitude bigger. So rather than nasty zero- (or negative-) sum competition, you end up getting much more collaboration than I think is normal in other industries. It's a pleasant surprise!
Huge fan of the team, and have been excited for this to exist. Pumped team, and feel like this is such a great play. Huge props to the team!
When is the exchange going live?