The social wallet - It's like Venmo + Coinbase

Coinflo lets users send bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin to friends. Every transaction has a comment that goes on our social public ledger.

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Nick Abouzeid
Marketing @ MainStreet
Hey Jason! Can you tell us a little more about the process of building Coinflo?
Jason Thomas
Creator of peer-to-peer communities
@nickabouzeid Hey Nick, Of course! Coinflo has a small team here in sunny Venice, California! The idea started earlier this year as cryptocurrency gained traction and popularity worldwide. As I'm sure you know but others may not, put simply - bitcoin and other digital assets run on the blockchain as a decentralized form of value that can be easily transferred across borders, person to person, without the need for governments or banks to be the middleman. A public ledger accessible to everyone acts as that 'middleman' as a transparent validation of transactions. It's totally revolutionary! Traditional online wallets send money via scanning a QR code - we got rid of that. Instead, users can simply find their friends @username and send money to them, it's really easy. We also wanted to make sure users new to the crypto space didn't mistake their wallets and send BTC to ETH wallet, ETH to LTC, etc. Using Coinflo you don't have to worry about that. Our logic doesn't allow for it! Sending crypto shouldn't be hard - and our aim was to make it as simple as possible. In other words, dummy-proof. While building this we had a lot of fun. We wanted users to have fun too. We have a social public ledger that displays; buys, sells, and sending/receiving payments. A description is included as well as the type of currency exchanged. This is a neat feature for easily spotting buy/sell trends on the market! I could go on all day - but I hope you all enjoy the app as much as we enjoyed building it! Any comments or questions are welcome, of course. I will say right now we're in BETA but are working on the iPhone and android apps which will be available in the near future. Thanks again. Cheers! Jason
This is Awesome!