CoinBundle is the easiest way for new investors to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies to build their portfolios. Zero fees, best in class custody and a range of investment options to choose from based on risk profile and beliefs. Based in San Francisco and backed by YCombinator, Initialized Capital, Switch VC, Tuesday Capital and Liquid2 Ventures.

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Hi everyone, I’m one of the makers of CoinBundle. We’re focused on bringing the next billion people to cryptocurrencies and web 3.0. Excited to announce our bundled asset investment platform which is our big push to enable this shift. This will be the easiest way for first-time investors to build their portfolios responsibly. We previously launched our Beta and BundleRewards which also helps people earn crypto for investing their time. Check us out on If you’re based in the US, please use this test account: Login: Password: CoinBundle1! Look forward to getting your feedback! Thanks! Saad
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Hey everyone, my name is Max and I’m the CTO and co-founder of CoinBundle. We’ve been working on our platform since January and are just finishing up our successful beta-testing campaign (almost 18K participants so far!). We’re happy to officially announce that we’re live! That’s right, you can start investing in bundles of cryptos right now. We’re going to be here for the whole day and are happy to answer every single question as well as listen to your feedback. Please feel free to ask us anything at all, we are looking forward to it!
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Hey fellow ProductHunters! My name is Alex and I’m a co-founder and CMO of CoinBundle. Some of you saw us here about 3 or 4 weeks ago with our gamified beta platform which turned out to be a huge success. We received so much valuable feedback from you guys and of course, we were also Product #2 of the day and #5 of the week. We didn’t expect any of that to be completely honest. So, here we are again with the real platform that’s been tested many times by thousands of users. We spent countless hours watching other launch campaigns on Product Hunt to get some inspiration for how we could come back here and decided to go in our own way. So, we would like to introduce you to our amazing launch on PH. Feel free to use our platform and share your feedback and ask any questions! Best, Alex p.s. hey @rrhoover ;)
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@beta @saadhrizvi Love the simplicity! Just one thing: Are you planning to offer candle stick charts? That's the one thing I cannot trade without.
@edgarnigel thank you! :) So, we're currently working on an advanced mode feature. Candle stick charts will be included! :)
@beta @saadhrizvi the rate at which you are shipping is mind blowing! Keep up the great work and love the demo from the test account
I'll say it again, these gallery images are next level 👏
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@rrhoover thanks! Do check out our blog as well ( We’ve found this to be a great way to engage / teach younger, newer investors who’re tired of old school financial institutions.
Solves one of the most hectic problems in the "cryptocurrency buying and selling" world — going through multiple exchanges to buy separate/different coins. I already like it, just hoping the mobile application is under development! 😁
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@traveler thanks for your feedback! Mobile app is under development right now, hopefully we'll release it soon 😉
@traveler, thanks, you've made a great point! And to stress it even more, we'll soon introduce a crazier Custom bundle solution, that will allow you to filter markets and choose preferred coins by any imaginable criteria, and to buy them all at once. Just imagine the complexity of buying all of them separately!
Huge props for the illustrations 😍
@abadesi wooo! thank you! :) I also suggest you to take a look at our Medium blog: medium . com/coinbundle ;)
@abadesi yeah, check out their Medium blog and social media, you won't be disappointed. They have always been illustrative! 😺

Get on board.


Great concept, simple to use and it gives you options.


Still in ICO phase... Which isn't a bad thing if your oatiebt 😉

By the way, we don't run an ICO and have a real product: :)