Invest in crypto portfolios with one click and zero fees

CoinBundle is the easiest way for new investors to buy bundles of cryptocurrencies to build their portfolios. Zero fees, best in class custody and a range of investment options to choose from based on risk profile and beliefs. Based in San Francisco and backed by YCombinator, Initialized Capital, Switch VC, Tuesday Capital and Liquid2 Ventures.

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This graphic is amazing, @saadhrizvi:
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Thanks @rrhoover - we've all been big fans of Product Hunt for a long time :)
@saadhrizvi Is there a trading fee because when I want to buy a bundle the price is usually higher than when I am selling the bundle and I am not talking about a shift in the market e.g if you click on buy and you click on sell immediately the sell order is usually lower
Hi Marvin, this is a great question. What you're talking about is not trading fee, it's market spread. Where buyers' and sellers' orders meet, there is a point of equilibrium, and always a gap, which fluctuates and moves as trade orders on the opposite sides get resolved (causing the overall price to go up or down). Just remember that every trade happens when you're buying from someone or selling to someone. Sellers want to sell as high as possible, and buyers want their price to be as low as possible. This forms this gap between their expectations, which is called spread. That's why at any moment of time the price you can buy at (which means someone is selling to you at that price) is higher than the price you can immediately sell at (which means there is a buyer on the opposite side, willing to buy at that price). If there is ever an overlap of there two sides of the gap, overlapped trade orders get immediately resolved, and voila!, there is our gap again. On any exchange in the world there is always this gap called "spread". The lower price is known as "Bid price", and the higher one is "Ask price". The concept of one single price coming from news feeds, most of the people are familiar with, is basically an average of the spread (or as one other possibility, its ask price), just for convenience.
@max_loginov Thanks I understand clearly now.
Dear product hunt community, We're excited to share the CoinBundle beta with you. We believe that as cryptocurrencies mature as an asset class, the best solution for first time investors will be to take a portfolio approach to investing in them. We've been building the easiest way to do that, especially for those in emerging markets. Personally, we find the potential for the unbanked to get access to these investment opportunities as one of the greatest potentials for crypto. We've already built infrastructure across banking, payments, custody, trading and national government partnerships (see links below) and have 500K+ investors on our waiting list. We're opening up our beta for testing to all non-US investors today, as well as our early bird program for select users onto the investment platform. We've gamified the beta testing as a portfolio building competition to make it more exciting for our early users. Read more about the beta and our learnings here: If you're based in the US, please use this test account: -Login: -Password: ProductHunt2018! We would love to get your feedback!
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@beta @saadhrizvi Hey Saad, you have kindly provided all these passwords, but have forgotten about the link, but no worries, help is here (at 4am) :)
@saadhrizvi are there really no fees? How do you make money?
@evanlodge a couple of ways: 1. We've struck deals with large market makers / OTC desks who will give us fees for executing the trades with them 2. We will introduce premium features that people can pay for (such as custom bundles managed by experts)
@saadhrizvi The business model makes sense.

It's a project to watch, investing in crypto is not straightforward, coinbundle makes it accessible to everyone. I am waiting the next crypto wave to bet hard on them!


community, User friendly UX, Team and Investors credibilty


Still in beta but improving very fast

This is pretty amazing progress that you have made in such a short time. Can't wait for this to be available in the US.
@chanfest22 Thanks! Have really appreciated your guidance along the way!
Hey team. Your beta platform is amazing. I was wondering when are you going to have custom bundles?
@iolanta_tyurmina Hi Iolanta, thanks! Custom bundles are on our roadmap already, with a lot of other features. We'll prioritize the most important ones based on the feedback we'll be receiving from users during the early bird app testing this September. We'll definitely let you know when it's decided.