AI Driven, personalised, distraction-free Crypto News

CoinBlick is a news-focused mobile Crypto App. With the power of AI, we analyze over 30 news sites, 500+ twitter profiles, and 300+ subreddits daily to enable readers to focus on the most important Crypto News of the day. Android version launching soon!
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9 Reviews4.4/5

It's a great app, with plenty of features with a detail here or there to be improved.


It's great initiative, provides a clean interface and some nice graphs. You see what's trending on Reddit and Twitter.


Loading Spinners.

Thank you very much for the Review Leo. I'll do my best to improve the Loading Spinners.
A very promising product if you want to keep yourself on top of the game with some sweet, updated and easy to read Crypto News app! Couldn't recommend it enough!
@raphs_rocha Thanks Rafael, Hope that CoinBlick helps you as it is helping me!
This is is really simple and great to quickly look into the most important stuff of the day. I like also how it’s indicating the sentiment of every article. A lot of potential in terms of usability and features! Great start!
@cristianst Thanks Christian. What you say means a lot to me!

Very informative app with all there is to know to keep informed about Crypto news


It's easy to use, clean and straight to the point.


Haven't found any as of yet.

Thank you Rafael. You made my day!

Good first version in my opinion.


Easy to use. Well structured by topics.


The UI can be improved. Loading Indicators, Login/Signup view.