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Cryptocurrency Newsfeed is an altcoin news service for investors. Only the facts, in realtime. 100% human written, no RSS readers or aggregation. Trade the news. Profit.

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I found Cyptocurrency Newsfeed very useful. If you don't know coin world you are gambling when you're investing. If you would like to join crypto world you should follow and read news because if you don't you can't know what will happen. I started my trial and price is fair.

Instant access to news is great! As Jack says "1000 coins" are wonderful. Email digest is very smart move because i don't have to open and follow dashboard always.


Fast, easy to use, hundreds of sources, follow the white rabbit!


Cannot buy with crypto coins.

Thanks for the kind review!

So far this is the only product I've seen that covers realtime news on the entire crypto market, not just Bitcoin and super popular coins. This product has streaming news on well over 1,000 coins. I use it for crypto investing. They have a newsfeed that streams in realtime, and I also get an email digest every night with all the headlines about the coins I follow.


Fast. Curated. Ad-free. Actionable. Also, literally the only source of news on altcoins beyond the top 40.


A bit expensive, but if you're investing in cryptocurrencies with any amount of money, for me it's worth it.

Thanks for hunting us, Jack! We're an institutional quality newsfeed for the cryptocurrency industry. Investors, trading groups, and altcoin stakeholders use our service to stay up-to-the-second on everything newsworthy. We're often the first to post news that explains why coins are moving up or down quickly. Subscribers also get a daily email digest, so they can just select the coins that interest them and read all the news that occurred every day. We've been building this product since early last year, and proud of where it is now. There is simply no other source of news for coins beyond the top 100. We are literally the first news company to be covering over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. This industry is brand new, and we're first! Happy to answer any questions.
Thanks for the hunt! We're a Wall Street-type newsfeed for the cryptocurrency industry. We have over 20 people working for us, making sure that we post anything newsworthy within seconds to our newsfeed. (EDIT: Figured we should offer a discount to Product Hunt users, so had my team throw together a discount page -- please check this out while it lasts! ) The problem? There is simply no source of news for less popular coins (beyond the Top 40 or so). Our solution? Human newsworkers. 24/7 up-to-the-second coverage. We need humans to curate and filter the information about these coins, so we eliminate all the promotional content and garbage. There are aggregators and RSS readers out there, and they're just terrible. I tried them all. Truly, terrible. We've been building this product since early last year, and proud of where it is now. Active investors, fund managers, and crypto stakeholders subscribe to us to stay up-to-the-second on anything newsworthy. We also deliver a daily email digest. Customers just select the coins that interest them, and read all the news that occurred every night in their email. I'm happy to answer any questions here. Big fan of Product Hunt ever since @Jason interviewed Ryan a few years ago.

I've been keeping this on my second screen as I prefer this 'ticker' more than general news lately. The $99 per month is worth every dollar for me as I have an interest in monitoring many currencies. I still love a couple other news sites, but I don't have to view them as much as I used to since this keeps me informed quicker.


Customizable, easy viewing, immediate, affordable, relevant.


No community feature, just cold, hard news. Would prefer a cryptocurrency payment option!

Goal is to be first on all our headlines!
Yeah they should accept crypto
Previously I've been reading news aggregators that collect thematic information from around the internet, which use as sources various blogs, news portals, Facebook groups and so on. But such resources have a major flaw, they collect tons of non-relevant information, that's why I had to spend a lot of time trying to sort those sources. Luckily I came across Cryptocurrency Newsfeed, for me, it's Netflix with crypto-news. Each and every item in the feed is relevant for me and is a must-read. I definitely recommend Cryptocurrency Newsfeed for everyone involved in trading. If the subscription price seems bitey for you, imagine how much time you will save having a bunch of handpicked news items in your pocket... Kudos, Guilherme!