Cohorts by Keen IO

Quickly build and visualize beautiful cohort analyses

Cohort analysis is incredibly valuable when you’re trying to understand retention and patterns of behavior over time. Use this to build your own cohort analysis tools, with total control over the logic, look, and feel.

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Here's more open source goodness from Keen. They've now created a cohort builder which makes it easy to visualize cohorts on top of your analytics data.
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@hnshah thanks, Hiten. :)
@hnshah thanks for posting this! Running this analysis typically means juggling a lot of complex queries and timeframes. We built this tool to make doing that super easy. You can embed it anywhere you like, so your team members and/or customers can dig into their data and see some pretty visualizations. Happy to help answer any questions
Love the open source projects that keen put out. Their data explorer is super useful as are the responsive dash templates. Really great to see companies give back like this.
@jedgar Thanks for the complement John!