Cohort 2.0

Find the people you need through the people you already know


Imagine if group chat was networked? What if you could search the real world networks you're part of . This major update to Cohort makes it easy for anyone who is part of or has been funded by any of 40 hand picked funds across the US and EU.

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Sean Fee
Stu Curry
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  • harper
    harperModest, Inc

    Cohort allows me to view my network in an actionable way.


    Hmm. I would love for cohort to automatically build out my networks. Hopefully soon!

    (I am an investor in Cohort)

    I have a large network - but that doesn't mean it is usable. Cohort allows me to take advantage of the networks within the networks. This makes my network much more usable. Works well too ;)

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