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I've been looking for a good "personal CRM" and have yet to find something that does what I need. In the interim, I've built an Airtable spreadsheet to record and categorize all the people I know, seeded with people I follow on Twitter. Super interested to play with this and unlike other similar tools, the integration with Twitter is a nice step.
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@rrhoover hey that sounds awesome! Any chance to share the spreadsheet template with us?
@ivbran lol Im guessing not. Create your own. :)
@ivbran I'm afraid I can't as it has some private information in there. 😊
@captnphilip it's a template after all what i asked :) not emails and no names
Anyone ever use Medium Series for a product walk through? @rrhoover
Hi Everyone, I'm the founder of Cohort. @erictwillis thank you for hunting us ✌️ We're a team of 5, based in Ireland. We've been working on Cohort for about a year and a half. That might sound like a long time for something that looks simple, but untangling people's relationships and interests from a complex web of data takes time. We've built a social graph of 2 billion relationships from Twitter data, and we've analysed the interests of 215 million public profiles. When you sign in, we suggest people you might know well enough to ask a favor of, and this forms the basis of your network of meaningful relationships - your Cohort. Then within a couple of taps you can discover who in your Cohort is best placed to introduce you to those who can help you with things like advice, influence or expertise.
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@eamonleonard @erictwillis Interesting angle, I like the language of people you could ask for a favor. Curious , what was the use case or problem you had in mind when starting out? Especially with the favor in mind.
@airjoshb good question! We think of being able to ask for a favor as an indicator of social capital or relationship strength between two people. This is really what makes networking work - and there wasn't anywhere I could easily leverage my social capital to help others or solve my problems.
@eamonleonard great idea. I am very curious as Twitter is not the place where I have "personal" relationships with people, yet the group I follow/follow me are likely much more likely to have an impact. Really commend you on thinking of social capital in this way.
@airjoshb wow, thank you! The best bit about this is the more you use Cohort, the better you're making it for those who are in your cohort.
@eamonleonard if only there was an Android app 😀
Cohort helps you find the people you need through the people you already know and trust — your cohort. It does this by conducting network analysis, detecting areas of interest and potential expertise, by looking at publicly available data, all packaged up neatly in an easy-to-use mobile app. They just launched at Collision in New Orleans. You can read more about the here:
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Just tried it out. Impressive how well it tagged my network.
People often talk about networking as personal salesmanship. I think more of us could take that seriously. Both asking for and offering favors is an important part of building a network.
@kwharrison13 Right on! For me, networking is more about how I can help people. Eventually, it comes back. This is how you build social capital, and how you build a network that lasts. We want Cohort to help you better understand how you can help people.