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Cognition IP provides a fast and easy way for startups to obtain patents. You complete an invention disclosure form. The Cognition IP lawyers prepare a patent application for you using their tech-enabled tools. Flat-fee service, no hourly billing. Unlimited communication and revisions.

Ade Atobatele
Tapa Ghosh
Andrew Tjang
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  • Tapa Ghosh
    Tapa GhoshCo-founder, Vathys

    Innovative approach to a broken industry


    A little bit on computer architecture, less on circuit side, *NOT* a con for everyone (only specific to us)

    Great compared to previous broken approaches to patents.

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Ben Levy
Ben Levy@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
Hey @bryant_lee, Do you guys do anything to help figure out whether or not anything you have built is worth protecting from a patent perspective? Thanks! Ben
Chandan Lodha
Chandan LodhaHiring@chanfest22 · Co-Founder @ CoinTracker
@bryant_lee @benmlevy +1 — this would be super useful to me
Bryant Lee
Bryant LeeMaker@bryant_lee · CEO at Cognition IP Technology Inc.
@benmlevy @chanfest22 We do free IP strategy sessions with startup founders and inventors to provide recommendations on what to patent. These can be scheduled from the website or by emailing us. I also have free books about patenting for startups that provide more details on the topic of what to patent
Bryant Lee
Bryant LeeMaker@bryant_lee · CEO at Cognition IP Technology Inc.
Hey PH, Bryant from the Cognition IP team here. I’m a patent lawyer. When I previously worked at a large law firm, it seemed like there were so many ways that technology could be used to make law more efficient. That was the impetus for starting this company. Cognition IP is a tech-enabled law firm for patent law. You interact with us like other law firms, but we use technology tools like document management, auto-proofreading, and AI search tools to be more efficient. 🙏We’d love to get some feedback and I’m happy to answer questions!
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! Would love to try it out !! Do you bring any more features to this ?
Bryant Lee
Bryant LeeMaker@bryant_lee · CEO at Cognition IP Technology Inc.
@ayush_chandra Absolutely - let's talk! The main features for us are the efficiency, fast turnaround times, and reducing the time investment needed from the inventor. We also use AI to find new insights in terms of past patents.