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@nivo0o0 Was immediately ordered to our office, no decision process was needed. Downside is that our subscription arrived today so we have to wait a month :(
@nivo0o0 @Soylent + @enjoyLaCroix ....wait for it...wait for it.
@adamleidhecker they'll write their way out
Smart move by Soylent, somewhat competitive with GO CUBES (chewable coffee for those that want to save time).
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@rrhoover Have you tried GO CUBES? We're fans of the soyletn/coffee combo because we do soylent already. This just sounds bonus versus adding another "eatable" (is that a space yet?) to our lives/office.
@thatmattgardner @rrhoover I'll definitley be trying Coffesit, but I really like GO CUBES. I usually get a box with my monthly Soylent.
@thatmattgardner @rrhoover I've tried GoCubes and I didn't like them at all. Very bitter taste that lingers (although that just sounds like coffee). Did not enjoy it at all and didn't finish it either. But I'm really intrigued by this one. I've tried regular Soylent and that's okay, but it does leave much to be desired taste-wise. This seems like it would do the trick.
@thatmattgardner @rrhoover Hi I'm co-founder of Nootrobox, we make GO CUBES. We're friends with Soylent and think this product is awesome :) The fact is, 2 billion cups of coffee are drank daily, and there is a ton of room for improvement. Coffee in new form factors with better performance characteristics is a big win for lots of people.
@codyreichert @thatmattgardner @rrhoover Glad you like them :) We put a lot of design cycles into making the perfect gummy, it's a really nice form factor.
I absolutely love consuming a bottle of the Soylent 2.0 in the mornings as my breakfast and definitely think Coffiest will be great for most folks. Unfortunately I'm an unabashed coffee snob and love the ritual of making it in the morning… Though it would be nice to just have one box of these laying around just in case.
@mg I just ordered the 1.6 Soylent Powder for the first time. Did you ever use the 1.6 version powder prior? Any details you can share? Thanks!
I've become a big smoothie-for-breakfast guy, and if this is at all tasty, it's going to be even better. Love the bottle, too.
I love a great pour over, but I'm still excited about this decision because of all the mornings where I don't want to take the time. Keep it coming, soylent - consistently impressed by how far you've come -- I still remember when you first pivoted and we backed ya after seeing all the success on Reddit.