Coffeelinks helps you sell with just a link! It's like for payments. πŸ’° Some use-cases:

🎁 Sell a digital product by sharing the zip file [Dropbox + Coffeelinks]

πŸŽ₯ Share your upcoming video with your most loyal fans [YouTube unlisted + Coffeelinks]

🏷️ Take order for advertising on your blog or Instagram [Typeform link + Coffeelinks]

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Hey Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ We're super excited to introduce Coffeelinks –– it's like for payments πŸŽ‰Imagine if you want to share a Dropbox file, eBook or an unlisted video with your audience. You can enter that link, set a price and generate a Coffeelink. As simple as that πŸ™Œ Some use cases: πŸ—‚οΈ Sell a digital product by sharing the zip file [Dropbox + Coffee Links] πŸ“– Share the first draft of your next book with your readers [Google Docs + Coffee Links] πŸŽ₯ Share your upcoming Youtube video with your most loyal fans [YouTube unlisted + Coffee Links] 🏷️ Take order for advertising on your blog or Instagram page [Typeform link + Coffee Links] We whipped up some Coffeelinks for you: (use the code 'ILIKETEA' to get free access) –– –– –– 4 months ago, we launched Buy Me A Coffee on Product Hunt ( We were unsure about the launch back then, we were struggling with payment frauds (among many other things); mostly because we decided to handle payment-hassles ourselves and make it super-simple for our users. We had to deploy a lot of our resources to security and fraud prevention (Stripe helped us with early access to their ML-powered Radar 2.0 πŸ™). Then PH happened πŸš€ Thousands of creators started using Buy Me A Coffee. Activist William LeGate raised $3k with just a tweet ( ), game developers started making upwards of $5k/month and the best part? Waking up every day to tons of tweets, blog posts and videos about how creators are using BMC to receive support to buy equipment, pay bills and most importantly, create more great content <3 Much love everyone ❀️We wouldn't be here without you guys. β€” Joseph Cofounder, Buy Me A Coffee
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@joseph_sunny Hey PH, special mention to all the creators who signed up for early access via ProductHunt Upcoming and showered us with feedbacks β€” helped us build the product that we’re launching today; super thankful for it! πŸ™πŸ˜½

I just joined buy me a coffee and love how simple it is! Am setting it as my main link on my social media now.


Simple and quick to set up!


None whatsoever!

Super happy user of Buy me a coffee here. So excited to try the new feature Coffeelinks.


Simplest alternative to Patreon


Nothing so far

Okay now this is an awesome idea! I love BMC and have been using it along with my YouTube videos for a while now. I will definitely be looking at taking advantage of this new service!
@unclejessy4real 🀘Thank you for supporting us from day one, UncleJessy! πŸ’– We love your videos, especially this one 😺
Now I can`t even imagine how we used to do without a coffee maker. Not much of the wash - just shake out used coffee ground out of filter, rinse under the tap, stop up with a new coffee. Espresso turns frothy like one you may buy in a coffee-house. And there is a nozzle for cappuccino. And what about drip coffee maker - agree, they are not supposed to make good coffee. Of course, professionals do it tastier, but I am ok with it.
Great one. I'm a happy user of BMC. Feels like Coffeelinks will make life easier for publishers.
@iamsooraj πŸ”₯❀️Thanks, Sooraj!