The simplest way to ask friends for coffee

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Hey, thank you for posting! I made COFFEE?! after seeing BEER?! (, but as I don't drink beer I wanted one for coffee ;) Feel free to ask me anything or let me know your favourite usecase you would use this for!
@cpuricelli Did you build from scratch or use a clone? Coffee's a great 'Yo' use case.
@cpuricelli I friend just told me an interesting use cause: send your intern COFFEE?! when you want that he brings you coffee :D
It's Yo for coffee.
Is the link broken for anyone else, or just me.
@sammaddenr I get a forbidden access error :(
What about a Yo for deep conversations? Someone is undoubtedly going make a Yo for Sex. That'll be weird, scary - and interesting, especially since what makes Yo unique is "context".
@eriktorenberg I was thinking about a yo for sex, but I doubt it will pass Apple approval :) Actually in certain nations asking a girl for coffee actually means that...
@cpuricelli @eriktorenberg Let's just call this Yo for sex "Wink" and let people think what they want ;) ;) ;)
To echo @dshan, this is probably the best use-case for the "Yo" concept that I've seen. I can't tell you how many days a week I get the text/Hangouts/FB Message: "Coffee?". This is def one that I'll use often.