Artificial skylight that you won't believe isn't real

#3 Product of the WeekDecember 20, 2015
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Useful for a post apocalyptic bunker
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@_sergeh Yeah, would love to see this in Fallout's vaults 😰
Brilliant. I'm going hang out here in case Coelux needs a house in Minnesota for testing.
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"you won't believe isn't real" - What.
@zacdavies You won't not never ever believe it isn't not unrealistically nonexistent!
amazing , no price ?
@druwynings @ilyashassani from that link "CoeLux currently costs £40,000 (~$61,000) to buy and up to £5,000 (~$7,600) for installation."
@chrismessina @ilyashassani How does that price compare to a real skylight installation?
@staringispolite @chrismessina @ilyashassani You can't put a skylight in a basement. Don't think it's a replacement for a hole in the roof.
Does the light angle shift throughout the day? Kinda surprised the video never mentioned / showed that, so I assume no.
@clarklab No it seems pretty clean by the product names (60, 45, and 30) that you get exactly one angle per device.
@malcolm_ocean @clarklab So it feels like your in a different solar system. I like it.