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Finally brings visual discussions to Slack (by

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Hi, hunters! I’m happy to be back and share Cody with the Product Hunt community. Since clients are mostly design teams in corporations, agencies and studios, we’ve got a lot of requests for Slack integration. Chat is a great way to keep every team member in touch with design updates and any piece of feedback, so we are happy to announce a two-way connection with Slack, tested for months with our premium clients only — now opened for public. Cody Slack bot is your personal visual feedback assistant. You will never lost with no-context discussions and design tasks again. 1. Connect Cody to every channel you use to discuss designs; 2. Set up manual- of auto-uploading files (pics, .pdf) to; 3. Post in chat hyperlink to board to connect board to #channel; 4. Get notifications with new tasks and replies from boards; 5. Reply to clients’ and mates' tasks without leaving Slack; 6. Enjoy and get a profit! :) I hope we produced a perfect way to discuss designs between team members in Slack in a visual way. Let me know if there’s any questions, or other ways in which we can improve. Curious to hear your feedback!
@mikhalyov Might try slowing down your slider on the website! I tried reading the headlines and then looking at the picture below and I could never get a full glance at it.
This is really cool. Are you planning to add more chat integrations? Hipchat, Telegram, etc.?
@alexandr_ilyin Thank you! Yes, for sure! If you have any requirements, please let me know via email :)
Nice addition to the core experience of ) Thank you!
Looks very nice, the progress of the team is astonishing!