Code with epic background music tracks 👨‍💻🎧


CodingRadio™ helps programmers discover the best soundtracks to match their state of mind. Regardless of whether you are squashing bugs in your code or you are building and launching the next Facebook, CodingRadio™ gives you hand-picked playlists to match your mood.

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  • Vincent Soo
    Vincent SooProduct Designer + Front End Developer

    I am using the Creative Juice music, the selection of music is great for me to focus.


    so far none

    So far I only try the Creative Juice categories and I am always hearing music from youtube. now found this product and the creative juice collection is great for me to stay focus!

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  • Harshana Serasinghe
    Harshana SerasingheDeveloper | Undergraduate | Innovator

    Ease to find music to make your mind focus



    In early days, I spent lots of time discovering music to fit my mood when I'm coding. Thanks to coding radio, now I don't need to waste my time on any other music streaming site searching for moody music.

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  • Mubarak Show
    Mubarak ShowQA Engineer, Kaodim

    No more drowning in Youtube's algorithm of video suggestion when your initial intent was to play some music and Code away!


    None, so far.

    The Maker needs a better taste in Music LOL. But i'm sure as the product (CodingRadio) grows, its community will make it better by giving more suggestions. All in all, its a solid initiative!

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  • Amila Dimantha Sumanasiri
    Amila Dimantha SumanasiriSenior Software Engineer (iOS)

    Perfect collection of songs


    None so far

    Awesome concept for devs who prefer to listen to music while coding. CodingRadios got a good collection of songs as well. Hope the collection keeps growing.

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  • Pros: 

    Love the concept, simplicity, and functionality.


    none so far.

    A great product for programmers by programmers. Totally loving it. Always wished if there was something like this other than advert-full Spotify. :D

    Except for the great functionality, so easy to use and love the simplicity of it. Although I guess some might wish if there were more features, but trust me once you keep using it, you won't have to, the already inbuilt functionality is all you need. ;)

    Keep it up guys!

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  • Lahiru Rajapaksha
    Lahiru RajapakshaChief Design Officer HypeHash

    Senator we play 3D music!


    So far none!

    Well done Sri Lankans!! really liking it!

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  • kun

    As you said, it is not `Make the world a better place`, but it DID make my coding life better. A BIG `Thank you` to you :D


    no cons, I just love it

    Works better when you use vscode and a couple of coffee

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  • Mehmet Ozan Aşılıoğlu
    Mehmet Ozan AşılıoğluFull Stack Developer

    No ads, no problems running behind


    Music lists are not realistic

    I was in search after Coder radio turned off, and it was good to find it.

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