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#2 Product of the DayApril 28, 2018

CodingRadio™ helps programmers discover the best soundtracks to match their state of mind. Regardless of whether you are squashing bugs in your code or you are building and launching the next Facebook, CodingRadio™ gives you hand-picked playlists to match your mood.

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  • Vincent SooProduct Designer + Front End Developer

    I am using the Creative Juice music, the selection of music is great for me to focus.


    so far none

    So far I only try the Creative Juice categories and I am always hearing music from youtube. now found this product and the creative juice collection is great for me to stay focus!

    Vincent Soo has used this product for one day.
  • Harshana SerasingheDeveloper | Undergraduate | Innovator

    Ease to find music to make your mind focus



    In early days, I spent lots of time discovering music to fit my mood when I'm coding. Thanks to coding radio, now I don't need to waste my time on any other music streaming site searching for moody music.

    Harshana Serasinghe has used this product for one day.


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Dinuka JayasuriyaMaker@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥
Hi ProductHunt 👋 This is not a revolutionary product to ‘Make the world a better place’ but instead, it was built to make programmers feel like badasses while making their revolutionary products. From a maker to another maker, I want you to feel like you are Thor with his mighty hammer and Superman when he’s far away from Kryptonite when you are working. Use CodingRadio to listen to music to match your current state of mind while coding. Squashing bugs? We have the perfect playlist for you. Launching a new product on PH? We’ve got that too 👌 We had a ton of fun making this and listening to it while making it. So go ahead, you deserve to feel like a superhuman programmer 😉 Have fun and let me know if we can make it better 😃 FYI, It is streaming public/unlisted playlists from YouTube. CodingRadio is simply an interface that gives you access to a collection of different programming-related playlists for free. We are not a streaming service or anything. Just a simple tool to help you find the best tracks 😃
Ross Currie@rossdcurrie · Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@dinuka_jayasuriya Clicked through before I read this comment and I was like "Hey, this is the song from the coding playlist I use on youtube". Well done. Nice way to curate a bunch of public playlists and create a product out of it which is actually pretty useful.
Dinuka JayasuriyaMaker@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥
@rossdcurrie Thank you, kind sir. I'm glad you think so :)
Cam Burley@codecamcode
Can’t say enough how much this is a problem EVERY FUCKIN DAY! Nice job!
Dinuka JayasuriyaMaker@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥
@codecamcode And now you can save so much time looking for great music to code to, Cam! Thanks for the review :)
Dulitha Wijewantha@dulitharw · Founder of Alakazam 🔮
Amazing stuff, love the music! I am pretty sure folks in our team are going to really appreciate this. Small improvement to add would be to show the list of tracks.
Dinuka JayasuriyaMaker@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥
@dulitharw We appreciate the feedback! 😊 Track lists and queuing will be up soon, Dulitha. Can't wait for Team Alakazam to start using it :)
Mighty Alex@mightyalex · UX / UI Designer
IMO best product in a while because it solves a problem: I spent too much time to select a music while working. Been using and this is a nice refresh. Thank you Dinuka and Shehan.
Dinuka JayasuriyaMaker@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥
@mightyalex So happy to hear that! Thank you for using it and providing us with feedback :)
Gil Hildebrand@giltotherescue · Entrepreneur and Technical Lead
What a joy to use. I love the thought you put into the animated gifs you selected for each category. You really know your audience well. I'm coding with it in the background right now and look forward to using it in the future. Great work!
Dinuka JayasuriyaMaker@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 ShipFast 🛳 TweetFast 🔥
@giltotherescue Thank you, kind sir :) Your feedback made my day! 😄