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Great thanks to @bentossell and @erictwillis, we are so proud to be featured again. I’m co-founder at Codesign.io: featured for the first time here on Product Hunt with 795 upvotes, loved and used by over 4,000 web studios, agencies and their clients. We are building the simplest feedback tool for everything, started with images. It's time for websites. With our new Codesign.io for Chrome creating and resolving tasks, discussing and sharing feedback on the web is super-easy. Start instant and energy-safe discussions right where you are on the page. Click — you posted the message, click — you uploaded or shared feedback. No real-time yet, sorry, but I hope you guys enjoy it. If you have any problem, please send us a message on team@codesign.io
btw I like the tool. I'm using it now. It's exactly like invision but for outside your network.
@johnnyquachy John, thank you so much! We have a joke that Codesign is "Invision on diet" :)
I'm really impressed by this technology thank you very much. I'm curious about how will you make money since this is FREE. Maybe getting adquired by a big player and integrating your tech into them or something of that style?
@mpalau Miguel, hi! We had some paid plans since relaunch in August, than decided to give more opportunities for free users for audience growth :)
@pavelk2 very useful! Congrats guys!
@orlandotm Thanks, Orlando!
Super cool. If you had breakpoint-specific commenting, this would be that much more useful. Really nice.
@jcutrell thank you very much for your comment! Could you please elaborate a bit on breakpoint-specific commenting - what do you meant by that?
@pavelk2 @jcutrell I think he means for leaving comments on responsive web applications. For instance commenting on a mobile view or desktop view dynamically. However I think the saving as an image is a good workaround in the short term, and frankly is likely way more reliable. I'd like to say too that this tool has been great just this morning for communicating internal feedback to my team. Things I did previously with screengrabbing and photoshop can be done in seconds.
@ryanmarr @jcutrell Sounds great :) We are happy to make your life easier! Let us know if there is something we can improve / make more clear.
@pavelk2 @jcutrell Yeah - responsive constrained feedback that shows up at the right breakpoints.