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Pavel Kucherbaev
@pavelk2 · CTO, Codesign
We are here to answer your questions! Ask the most interesting question and get 1 year of "Studio" plan completely for free!


Vad Mikhalyov
@mikhalyov · CEO, Codesign.io
Hi! I'm CEO and co-founder of http://codesign.io/ Feel free to share your thoughts about this product here or via email: vad@codesign.io
Orlando TM Merone
@orlandotm · Orlandotm.com
Codesign is super easy online tool created by @pavelk2 that keeps your feedback process clean, fast and organised. A minimal project management for web-development and graphical-design. No prototyping. Primary focus - to discuss and to point fixes to be done.
Pavel Kucherbaev
@pavelk2 · CTO, Codesign
Hi! I am a cofounder and CTO of http://codesign.io. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the product :) If you want to write me a private message - feel free to do it via pavel@codesign.io. If you use Codesign - we truly love you!
Shaan Puri
@shaanvp · ceo, Monkey Inferno
Tl;dr what's the main benefits over invision?
Sylvain Maretto
@sylvainmaretto · Product Designer, Zalando
The integration with slack is surely gonna make it a really nice app, but what about technical specs ? All the latest "innovations" for designers just brought more complexity in the team ecosystem. The fragmentation of design-related softwares appears to be a major issue for designers, leading them to spend more and more time doing "paper work" for the other… See more