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Hi! I'm CEO and co-founder of http://codesign.io/ Feel free to share your thoughts about this product here or via email: vad@codesign.io
Codesign is super easy online tool created by @pavelk2 that keeps your feedback process clean, fast and organised. A minimal project management for web-development and graphical-design. No prototyping. Primary focus - to discuss and to point fixes to be done.
Hi! I am a cofounder and CTO of http://codesign.io. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the product :) If you want to write me a private message - feel free to do it via pavel@codesign.io. If you use Codesign - we truly love you!
Tl;dr what's the main benefits over invision?
@shaanvp was about to ask the same
@shaanvp Shaan, great question, I will try to make the answer simple. Codesign is review company, that means we keep our focus sharp. Our mission — to give a perfect ecosystem for productive discussing visual things in a visual way. On a daily use. For everybody, not just professionals. So we keep Codesign as "Invision on diet" — as simple, as natural and as "fit" with features as possible.
The integration with slack is surely gonna make it a really nice app, but what about technical specs ? All the latest "innovations" for designers just brought more complexity in the team ecosystem. The fragmentation of design-related softwares appears to be a major issue for designers, leading them to spend more and more time doing "paper work" for the other teams instead of designing. It's nice to discuss about the feeling of a design with some "Make the button bigger and green", but for instance, at Goeuro, we currently handle those discussions (in a simplistic fashion) with zeplin.io, that allows developers and product managers to keep look&feel discussions and specifications in the same place.
@sylvainmaretto Sylvian, thank you for the message. We develop Slack integration to deliver feedback (from clients and stakeholders) and latest updates in your projects right to your team's workspace, in selected #channels. It will help you to stay in touch with project status. I agree with fragmentation problem and hope we will deal with it in the future. Thank you again!
@sylvainmaretto Hi Sylvian, I completely agree with you on this. From my perspective InVision, Codedesign or other design feedback tools work great during the mockup & designing stage. At the point developers start working on prototypes (or designers start "designing in the browser") there's a need for different tools. For these feedback processes where developers, designers & project managers are involved, I'd recommend to give Usersnap (https://usersnap.com) a try!
@tompeham Just had a popup "Soon Zeplin.io will integrate Slack". My mind is made.
@sylvainmaretto :-D but you know that Usersnap already integrates with Slack ;-)