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Hey everybody! Co-founder of CodersClan here. I would love to get your feedback on our major latest addition to CodersClan - The ability to outsource code task directly from Trello. CodersClan is a community-driven marketplace for getting code done that has been up for a short while. One of the things we've learned along the way is that even though code is a major necessity for many people, there are countless of barriers around outsourcing code, one of them is the major friction around describing a code task to a person on the other side of the world. While gaining amazing insights from our customers, we've decided to tackle this issue by allowing our customers to outsource code tasks in the most natural manner possible - through the project management tools they already love and use everyday. CodersClan for Trello is our first step in that direction. Just take any Trello card you have, click the CodersClan button and the task will be taken care of by one of our dedicated coders. I'd be very happy to get your feedback and answer any question! Dror
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It is the most innovative business model i've seen recently.
@ozguralaz wow, thank you Özgür!
I've used CodersClan a few times now and have been very pleasantly surprised with the results. The model of simply taking care of one coding problem you have for a fixed amount is perfect for all those little bugs you need to kill but can't get to.
Added to my Tools for Trello collection! http://www.producthunt.com/bhave...
@bhavesh Awesome! Looking good :)
Been using CodersClan quite a few times for @Veedme, super interesting integration. are you planning on Jira, too?
@Veedme @yoavush Definitely! Once we'll learn more on how this works out with Trello we're planning to add JIRA, Asana, Pivotal Tracker and GitHub issues. I'd love to know about other platforms you think can work out. You can also list them if you sign up to be notified about other platforms at the bottom of the page.