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Thanks @IlBedussa for posting CodersClan on PH. I'm the CEO & Co-Founder at CodersClan and would be very happy to answer any questions.
@drorco What kinds of tasks make sense? How big is the community? Have had plenty of 'ugh' with odesk - is this an alternative?
@dshan Hey Derek. We focus on agile code tasks, basically tasks that can take up to just few hours to get done, that's one of the things that allows the system to be simple. If you have a bigger project, it's recommended to split it to several different tasks. The community size now stands on a bit more than 3,000 coders.
@drorco Cool! Giving it a test. The 'make your task famous' popup is absolutely maddening. A user should only see it once - I've seen it 10+ times.
@dshan Great Derek! The popup shouldn't appear more than once, though it depends on the URL (if it contains the &success=1 or not), how did you visit your task?
"No interviews, no hiring, just code." I'm sold. That's the best one liner I've seen in a long while.
Holy Smokes, Batman. This looks really great.
@nzieber Haha, thanks!
Kudos @drorco - Looks awesome. Sleek website, good messaging. Very nice. What does 'Supported Projects' mean? Also, maybe instead of 'reply rate' you can show 'success rate' ? Ultimately I want my project to get done. 100% reply rate doesn't necessarily mean 100% execution rate. Just a thought. Good luck! :)
@alonnir @drorco also you should have a metric for average response time, for example I have been waiting for 12 days now for a quote..
Thank you so much Darren! It took some time to find that one..