CoderNotes is a platform for developer notes and code snippets. It lets you have a centralized place for tricky or recurring issues, while also allowing you to make those notes public, helping the next developer who searches the issue on Google.
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Hi all! I made to solve two core issues that I felt were present in my day job: 1. With StackOverflow, knowledge is shared demand-side instead of supply-side, making it harder to find rare solutions. XKCD showed it best: 2. Personal note/snippet repositories make it hard to find old notes unless you remember what you named it. With these goals in mind I set out to create to scratch my own itch, and I'm excited to share it with you! is focused on community. When you solve a problem for yourself (say, a tricky webpack error that was hard to google), you store it for yourself in the app. CoderNotes indexes that note by over five different attributes, making it easy to search not only by you, but by the next developer who runs into that exact same problem! The goal of is to increase developer collaboration throughout the world, in a win-win way. Help yourself by having a centralized resource for snippets and notes, and help other developers around the world as they learn, too. Thanks for checking out my project!
@kevcon80 Oh God, I always wanted this!!! You are the best!
@andrew_whiteman1 I'm glad you like it! Thanks for checking it out!
@kevcon80 congrats on the launch! You say that this is focused on community, but no where on your homepage do I see any trace of community. There doesn't seem to be a way to see other people's code snippets or to interact with them. I'm guessing I have to sign up first, but I'm reluctant to because I don't really see anyone else on the site. I also went to the app without signing in and the search didn't work, nor did clicking the "Create note" button. I'm confused.
@chrismessina Hey Chris! Sorry if you ran into some bugs - I’ll take a look into it. In regards to community, here’s how it works. As you create public notes for your own use, these notes get tracked via multiple different attributes (the title, tags, the code itself, etc). Then, any user, free or paid, has access to those notes via the search engine. In addition, the default feed allows you to see all public notes, and you can always use the search to filter by code language if you just want to browse! None of the community features are gated by a paid account. Not only is the ability to search and create public notes free for an unlimited number of notes, but all public notes are picked up by Google - meaning that even if a developer isn’t a user of CoderNotes, they can still get value out of your notes simply by coming across it on Google! We already have over 10 notes ranking in the top 10 for relevant google queries, and many many more trying to fight for a front page spot! Hope this answers your questions!
@kevcon80 it does... but your homepage doesn't really show me how that works, and your search engine seems broken if you're not signed in. I guess my question is: what can I access of the community without signing in first? And a suggestion: make it easier to access the community features from the homepage. 😅
Simple and quick to save the code snippet.
@hoanganhlam Thanks for the review!
This looks quite similar to @thiscodeworks
@thiscodeworks @usama_khalid This also looks like a great platform!
would be nice if there would be at least ~20 private notes, so everybody would be able to test this "private" thing... ;-)
It is an amazing product, but please make it a one time buy instead of subscriptions .