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Howdy y'all! Some other relevant links here are... Explainer page: http://codepen.io/pro/projects/ Blog post: https://blog.codepen.io/2017/03/... Documentation: https://blog.codepen.io/document... If anyone has any questions or comments, I'm all ears.
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@chriscoyier Woah! this is really cool and going to be super helpful in lightweight demos. Thanks!
@chriscoyier Damn! You guys even included multi-select. haha Awesome work!
@chriscoyier @twholman congrats Chris, Tim & team -- looks really slick!
Congratulations @chriscoyier and team! This is a huge value-add to CodePen, especially for taking a "my lil' experiment" pen to a more finished and integrated point in a project.
Saw a preview of this late last year and pumped to see it be released to the public. Super awesome evolution.
I love CodePen. This is a great feature!
I like it a lot! Well done!