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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 16, 2018

CodementorX is a freelancing platform built on top of the vibrant Codementor community with 300,000+ developers and 8000+ vetted experts. Our developers are peer-approved mentors, thought leaders, and influencers. CodementorX presents top candidates within 48-72 hours, to make sure you only hire the best.


  • David JinelyFull-Stack Developer @

    Great product and team!


    Team are busy

    I'm using CodementorX from the developer side. I did some mentoring and some interesting long term projects. Love you Codementor Team!

    David Jinely has used this product for one year.
  • Mahmoud AbedCEO, New Release

    - Shortlist of expert mentors

    - Two weeks free trial




    Mahmoud Abed has used this product for one year.


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Weiting LiuMaker@weitingliu
Dear Product Hunt, We’re very excited to launch CodementorX 2.0 today! Since CodementorX’s initial appearance on Product Hunt a year ago, we’ve connected hundreds of startups and engineering teams with pre-vetted freelance developers on demand. CodementorX 2.0 is different from traditional freelancing platforms because it’s built on top of a vibrant community of over 300,000 developers and 8,000 vetted experts. Unlike other platforms, where you have to spend weeks filtering out unqualified developers, CodementorX presents top candidates, in as fast as 48 hours, to make sure you hire only the best. We also provide a dedicated engagement manager to facilitate each engagement to ensure its success. This new launch includes: a brand new redesign, a more sophisticated matching algorithm powered by machine learning, an updated onboarding experience for clients, a wider choice of developer payout options, and a much more robust site infrastructure — thanks to the hard work of our engineering team. Here’s an exclusive Product Hunt offer: to celebrate the beginning of 2018, hire a freelance developer on CodementorX by the end of this month and we’ll send you a surprise gift as a token of thanks :) Would love to hear any thoughts or feedback. Cheers!
Phil Wright@wrightph · iOS Developer, Touchopia
@weitingliu Nice job on the new release!
Luca Gonnelli@l_isforluca · Partner & Motion Designer @ ILLO
Congrats @weitingliu 💪🏻
Dima Pilipenko@new_user_86c09c48a6 · Software Engineer
Congratulation with update! Great product and possibility to be a mentor online. I've help there a lot of people.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! 😊
Ross Blankenship@rossblankenship ·, CEO and Partner
Codementor is awesome! I've used them numerous times and had more success that with any other platform. 100% vouch for the team and everything they're building.