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Hello Product Hunt! We're very excited to share CodementorX with the Product Hunt community today. Over the past 2 years, Codementor has grown to become a vibrant developer marketplace for live 1:1 mentorship with 5000+ vetted expert developers. We're now expanding our marketplace with a new freelance platform called CodementorX. CodementorX allows entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses to hire the top 2% of developers on Codementor. Unlike traditional freelance platforms, CodementorX is an invite-only network of senior engineers at Silicon Valley companies, startup CTOs from top accelerators, top Stack Overflow contributors, and experienced freelancers. Here's an exclusive Product Hunt offer: Get 10% discount when you hire a developer on CodementorX this month. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback! Cheers!
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@weitingliu What do you feel is your main advantage vs other freelance developer platforms?
@jimiwen The key difference between Codementor and the other traditional freelance marketplaces is that Codementor started as a mentorship community. We have been able to attract experienced senior engineers (startup CTOs, senior developers at top tech companies, etc.) who wouldn’t be found on traditional freelance marketplaces such as Upwork and Developers enjoy helping each other and giving back to the community, so being a mentor on Codementor has been a rewarding experience for many experts.
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Hey @weitingliu, I was mentoring on Codementor about 2 years ago, it helped me to bootstrap my company after quitted my job. The platform definitely saved my life. I could paid my rent while keeping my freedom, and accepting jobs whenever I want! Thank you guys for having made such a great platform, and wish you the best! ;) Upvoted.
@dizzda thank you for the kind words! Our team is so happy to hear what we've built had such a positive impact!
@weitingliu Nice work Weiting! This is really exciting! It seems like an attractive sell to be offering the cream of the crop of devs as a service. Congratulations on the launch!
Codementor is the best site on the web for finding, learning, and communicating with top coders! Great work team! #Codementor #LearntoCode #WebDevelopment
Having used Codementor to learn how to code, it's great to see this product launch. Their pool of developers is topnotch.
@markcwebster thank you! Sayspring is super cool and we're looking forward to supporting you with more awesome stuff on the Alexa platform!
@l_isforluca Thank you Luca! Perhaps it's about time for another video ? ;)
@weitingliu eheh 👍 sure, we're here when you want!
Have been around since the beginning. Great way for me to take on smaller projects versus sites like UpWork. Keep it up guys.
@dandigangi Thanks Dan! And with CodementorX, we're now capable of supporting bigger projects as well! Come try us out next time! :)
@weitingliu I like my small, 1-on-1 projects for quick cash! Haha