Don't deploy naked. Cover your code.

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It's well understood that writing tests for your projects is a must, but these tests are only effective if you know what lines are covered. Missing, even one line of code, can cause unwanted bugs and fatal errors. aims to provide an easy access point for developers to keep record of coverage reports, share results and graph progress. The advantages of Codecov is quite simple. It starts with a familiar interface, which one can navigate quickly. Followed by awesome reports like our Intractable Branch Graphs, Badges and Pull Request Comments. A desire to share reports and graphs were the inspiration of building Codecov. Your feedback is important to us, so please contact us for questions, bugs and features..we love feature requests! - You #shipit we #coverit @codecov Special thanks to @mscccc, @erictwillis and @projecthunt - keep up the great work exposing projects, love it! Example Graph Example Repo
This is awesome. I think hosted code coverage doesn't get quite enough attention yet. It's super important & needs to be easy to use... otherwise developers won't use it. I like seeing more competition in this space. The main choices currently, for Ruby apps are code climate & coveralls. I've used both, they all get the job done but there is huge variation in price.
Hey @iopeak, couple questions :) - What inspired building this? - What do you think makes Codecov unique when compared to the other code coverage tools available?