Version control, collaboration and online coding for devs

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Love the spacey atmosphere! FYI, there's a typo on the pricing page: the "Sign up free" button actually says "Sing" instead. Or maybe you actually do want my best Sinatra..?
It's not terribly clear what languages this supports.
@kyle_visner The site lists HTML, Jade, Slim, Pug, Markdown, Sass, Less, Stylus, CoffeeScript, LiveScript, JavaScript & CSS.
BTW, Dat hero image on the site is so sick!
I don't see the inherit benefit of this over something like Github Gists or
Have registered. Am curious as to how the online coding works in places with a patchy internet connection? As the co-working space I work out of is a bit dodgey. Is all of the JSHint, etc done in the cloud? Or is there some local cache?