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Oh, and here are a couple of videos showing how it works:
@the_ezuk these should be easily accessible from the front page. It was really hard to get a quick, first impression of what the actual product was right away.
@joostschuur very true! I didn't put it on the homepage yet because it isn't very flashy... I think I might make a page just for those two videos. What'd you think of them?
@the_ezuk I agree with @joostschuur: you need demo mode ASAP. By the way, the project is interesting =) Good luck!
@bohdanvorona Interesting concept, "demo mode" -- so not a video? What would that look like, you think?
@the_ezuk I, as a potential client, want to try your service without registration. I see feateres, rates, but don't see button "Try for free". Or it can be trial mode. I meant it.
I've actually been desperately looking for a good flashcards app to help me memorize new programming concepts. All the other flashcard apps out there are either too bloated with unecessary features or too limited. This looks great! I'll start using it today.
@juanvme Woot! Thanks so much! I'd love to hear what you think about it once you've had a chance to make some cards and practice.
@the_ezuk I've been loving CodeCode Ninja! If I have some feedback I'd like to share, where should I send it?
@juanvme Thank you! The best way would be to ping me at :)
Some queries here 1. Is this an add on to a bigger online learning platform or does this serve as an utility to put learnt theories to practice ? 2. Sell me a use case for a freelancer working through the internet pile of learning resources and wants to prioritize practical working sets than rote discovery
@borax12 1. It's platform-agnostic. You can use it to complement an online course, book, or learning on the job. It's basically a way to make _any_ programming knowledge stick. 2. That freelancer will do what they do today, but to everyone looking from the outside, it would seem like they're an incredibly fast study. Whatever they learn once, they'll just know and will be able to use from there on out. You basically forget nothing, once you take ten minutes a day to practice your cards. So you never have to ask the same question twice, or Google the same thing twice. It's a learning superpower. ;)
Great to see CodeCode Ninja on here, @the_ezuk! I remember hearing about this through Product Hunt KW. 😀 Hope to be able to feature you at one of our meetups soon.
@karelvuong Thank you! Looking forward to it -- I have another fun project to demo at a meetup. ;)
@the_ezuk CodeCode Ninja has one of the best explained and straightforward pricing schemes I've ever seen :) All the best..