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Thank you, Hiten for launching codebeat for iOS to the world! You rock! Hi, Product Hunters! I'm Tomek, co-founder of codebeat.  We are automated code review tool for mobile and web applications. In the last few months, we worked hard to bring hosted static analysis to iOS developers who code in Swift and Obj-C.  Support for Obj-C is still in experimental mode at the same time we are happy to enable it for your account. Just send us a message :) Would love to hear your feedback! Please help us calibrate our tool.
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@korzonek looks awesome! would love obj-c access :)
@korzonek that was quick! thanks again, excited to give this a run
@sethmills21 I've just enabled it for you. Have fun :) Keep on coding!
This is a really cool and useful technology that can help speed up development and reduce code mistakes for any one working with iOS apps. Every engineering team working on iOS should at least check this out and see what they think!
How can you promise security? As a developer giving a third party access to my repo I've spent countless hours on is concerning, what do you guys do to make me feel like you aren't some pirates (I trust you don't worry)?
@robertsaunders Welcome to the club :) We are all software engineers like you and we share the same concerns. We use HTTPS everywhere to ensure transfer is secure. We are also working on on-premise installations for customers who cannot trust any hosted solution. I hope it answers your question.
@korzonek fair enough! all I can ask for. :)
I've been using Codebeat for some time now, and I have to say I'm impressed at how responsive they are for my inquiries and how smooth the service is. I'm always looking for automated ways to improve code quality (for iOS and Android development), and Codebeat nicely fit in there reviewing commits. It looks like great things are coming Codebeat's way, so keep an eye on it.
@adismsg Thank you! We do our best to build tool developers could trust and love. :)
I've been using this to develop open source design utilities [1][2] with Swift and this thing is amazing. I wish there was an offline mode, but then that would probably defeat the aaS piece. [1] - https://codebeat.co/projects/git... [2] - https://codebeat.co/projects/git...
@joe_blau Thanks a lot for kind words 😻