Automated code review for Ruby and Go applications

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Thanks Özgür for launching codebeat to the world! I must admit you surprised us and we were not ready for it :) Hi Product Hunters! I'm Tomek, co-founder of codebeat. codebeat helps write better software through automated code review as a service. We are automated code review tool for Swift, Go and Ruby applications. You can connect your Git repository to codebeat and it will analyse your code. After analysis codebeat will suggest refactoring opportunities in order to help your codebase becomes better and you level up as a developer. We have lots of plans for improving the product. We will support more languages with focus on mobile technologies. Obj-C is our next language we are going to support. Would love to hear your feedback!
We use Codebeat at Foundersuite and it's awesome to maintain code quality. Recommended.
Could anyone briefly explain how it's different from code climate?
@_codefu We are the first automated code review tool that supports Swift. Below a few things you may like in codebeat: + Multi-Language support for mobile and web. We implemented all algorithms on our own. It means relatively quickly we can support more languages. At this stage we analyse Swift, Ruby and Go. Next step Objective-C :) + Quick Wins. After analysing your project we will suggest you issues in code with the biggest overall impact on your project's health. Try to refactor these hot spots first and see how your GPA improves. + Compare Changes. In the stream of Recent Changes you will be able see what exactly caused your classes to improve or degrade. Please check to learn what is our focus and how we are different.
@korzonek Thanks! You might want to link to this section of the docs on the homepage, it's really good.
@_codefu thank you! You are right! We are currently working on a new version of our homepage. It will be released next week. Thank you for feedback.
Unfortunately this product seems to have gone stale in the past few years. We are no longer able to use it for any current releases of Python, as Python 3 is not supported.