A newsletter app for developers

Consume tech, dev and startup newsletters without pollute the email inbox.
This is like podcast, but for newsletters. Read your favorites newsletters and use web push notification to help you keeping up-to-date into a minimalist webapp.
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11 Reviews5.0/5
Current release: + Social Sign in to sync user's settings + Web Push Notification to notify about newsletter news issues + Dark/Light mode view + 48 newsletters added Coming soon + Save to read it later + Twitter notification Feedback are welcome and let me know about new ideas of features!

I testing Codebanca around 1 week when Caio give me early access.


Nice to follow my newsletter without receive email a lot.


UI/UX need improvements.

thank you for this feedback!
@paulocastellano1 do you have any specifical feedback to improve the UI/UX?

It's like podcast, but for newsletters, you can choose more than 40 newsletters about programming, tech and startups, and you can read it without pollute your email inbox :)


Minimalist and focus on programming newsletters


Nothing right row

This can finally help me get around to reading the newsletters lost in my inbox!

I liked the easter egg and push notification works!


Very useful to read some dev newsletters without use my e-mail


Some newsletters are not responsive