An easy solution to create product flows.

#4 Product of the DayApril 12, 2019
Describe your flows at the speed of thought!
Transform your ideas and workflows into an easy to understand diagram. Create perfect diagrams within seconds — whether it be complex technical alorithms, business flows or anything in between
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Given that most cases using flow charts are if-else statements, this product is likely to make the flow chart much easier to use. It is a good catch. One weak point is foreign language support. I use Korean, but Korean is not typed properly. For example, if I try to type '아아', '앙아아' is typed. It seems that the same characters are typed in duplicate.
@sungho Thank you for your comment! Do I need any Korean input method in order to reproduce?
@rushpl Perhaps an input method is needed. In the case of windows, I was told that in control panel it can set the keyboard language. I would be grateful if you could change the language setting in a way that matches your OS and check for errors. I really want to use this tool.
@rushpl At the first time I thought that the reason for this error is that Korean has a unique way to combine characters to create a single character. However, when I tried a little more, I tried to type just 'ㅇㅇ' but typed 'ㅇㅇㅇ', and tried to type 'ㅇㅇㅇ' then 'ㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇ'. So, although I have not tried other foreign languages, there is a possibility that the same problem may occur in other foreign language characters.
@sungho The issue has been fixed. Please confirm that it worked. Thanks again for reporting! :-) Thanks to users such as yourself the product gets better!
@rushpl I have just checked that Korean characters are properly typed in the editor. Thanks for taking care of my feedback!
Hello Product Hunt, my name is Damian, I’m the founder of code2flow. o/ While we didn’t expect to launch today, all in all it came as an amazing surprise, especially since we’re still in private beta ;) and I wanted to personally thank all of you giving us an upvote. In code2flow we’re trying to bridge the gap between developers, project managers and designers by providing them with a universal language to collaborate on ideas and allow them to review them in visual form. We’ve built an automated flowchart editor which makes it possible to create flowcharts 10x faster than traditional graphical editors. Please check it out and leave your feedback here or in our chat widget - if there’s one thing we believe the most, it’s that the product must be made for the people who are using it. :) Cheers!
The thing I like most about this product is that it came from the concept opposite to the No Code movement. Certainly, some things are much more intuitive, simple, and easy to edit in the code way you're already familiar, than to edit them visually. From my point of view, which familiar with coding, I want to see more products from this concept.
This looks like an amazing product. Well done! Looking forward to trying it :)