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Hello! I'm the CEO and co-founder of Code Climate. Happy to answer any questions people have!
@brynary Hey! been using code climate for a long time. wow big change. What types of things does this allow developers to do that weren't possible with codeclimate before?
@mscccc One of the biggest changes is that you're no longer limited by the static analysis that our dev team builds/integrates. Now, anyone can add support for new languages/frameworks, so the variety of tech we support has increased dramatically. Imagine starting a project and turning on static analysis checks for JavaScript, CSS, Go, Bash, etc. Now your Code Climate analysis results (which we provide on every Pull Request) will surface issues in any of those files in your repo.
@brynary very cool. Thanks! btw what language are you seeing most analyzed on code climate. still ruby?
@mscccc Ruby it still the most analyzed in total volume, but others are catching up!
Hi Bryan, awesome to have you here! I'm already familiar with code climate, but have a little difficulty understanding this new project from the home page. If I understand correctly, it lets you build you own quality check engine and run it from local? How does it interface with code climate? Does It only send reports there or does it push the uncommitted code to it? Also, is there any guard like watcher? (this would be dope)
@oelmekki hi Olivier. There are now two ways to run Code Climate: 1. Locally on your command line using our new CLI ( Always free. 2. On our hosted platform (free for OSS, paid for private) The two are separate, but they are capable of running the same analysis (and both use the .codeclimate.yml config file). Hope that clarifies. We don't currently have a filesystem watcher, but since `codeclimate analyze` is just a command, one could be wrapped around it. We'll also think about potentially integrating that -- thank you for the suggestion.
This is amazing. I hope someone with the time creates a good Android spec :)
Congrats Bryan! Big fan of what you've been building with Code Climate.