Code Climate for Java

Code quality and test coverage for Java

Every commit has the ability to improve, or reduce, the quality of your codebase. Code Climate helps you take control of your Java quality with fully configurable test coverage and maintainability data visible throughout your team's development workflow.

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Bryan, the CEO and co-founder of Code Climate and we're really excited to introduce Code Climate for Java. Code Climate for Java offers understanding and tracking of Java technical debt via our 10-point maintainability inspection, full support for tracking test coverage of Java applications, as well as plugins for open source static analysis tools you may already know and love, like Checkstyle and PMD – all integrated directly into your GitHub workflow. To see it in action, check out the quick overview video we put together. Java becomes the fifth programming language to be supported on Code Climate after JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby. To celebrate, we're offering Product Hunters 50% off their first 6 months with the code FRESHPOTS. Head to to get started. We'd love your feedback! -Bryan
Woah, this looks really dope! From PMD and Checkstyle integrations to churn vs complexity charts, awesomeee! Is there a plan to have OSS plans for free?
Thanks @ianissoawesome! And yes, we have free plans for OSS. :)
Have 11+y of java development. Love the idea ;p
@kuolldev Thanks, Dmitry. If you give it a try, we'd love any feedback!