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Hi Product Hunters! I’m Bryan, the CEO and co-founder of Code Climate… We’re really excited to introduce our new browser extension for Chrome, which brings static analysis and test coverage information directly into the GitHub user interface. You can reserve your spot for the beta here: https://codeclimate.com/browser (We'll be sending invites to the first 1,000 people from ProductHunt who sign up.) Also, you can check out a quick overview screencast we put together. We’ve been testing it for a while and it’s already been a significant improvement in the day-to-day workflow of our developers. No more clicking over to Code Climate to see results! Also, since the extension highlights problems like lines of code not covered by unit tests, inconsistent code style, etc., our team is more motivated to resolve more of these issues. We’ve started with Chrome, and plan to add support for Safari and Firefox soon. We’d love your feedback! -Bryan
@brynary can't wait to check it out, ardent supporter from the beginning!
Great product!
Cool stuff, looking forward to checking it out!
Signed up! This looks really useful...and anything that let's me stay in GH during review is a plus.
Love this product!