Coda for iOS by Panic

Incredibly powered text editor for iOS

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"Mobile devices are for consumption" says every jerk from 2008. But seriously, Coda is my favorite 'pro' app (in that it's an app I use for stuff that makes me money). Diet Coda (the previous version of Coda for iOS was great, and this is too.
@willimholte Interesting - I've always been interested in coding on my iPhone. I suppose you use it mostly from your iPad? Would the smaller screen work well on an iPhone?
@kohjingyu I've done small projects entirely from my iPad, and I find the phone usable for tons of small things. I'm certain there are people (probably more skilled web devs) that can do way more with it, but that's part of what makes it a great tool. *Quick edit: I've also done it on iPad with a paired keyboard, which is pretty slick. Device keyboard works as well though.