Coda 1.0 is a new doc designed to grow with your ideas. It's familiar and approachable like the docs you're used to, and it comes with a new set of building blocks, so you can build docs as powerful as apps. Now available to all and it has mobile now as well :)

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Hey Product Hunt, About a year ago, we launched the Coda beta right here on Product Hunt. We weren't sure how people would react when we claimed to have reinvented the document. But the response blew us away. Over the last year, we watched a small group of beta-testers grow to tens of thousands. People built docs for scenarios we never imaginedーwe saw a team at Uber track one of the biggest re-designs in company history, a product manager at Spotify built a system around their special "squad" model, and an outdoor school teacher built a better way to rent and repair bikes. Meanwhile, we listened and learned from the problems they wanted to solve and tried to fill the gaps. We tuned thousands of details and added features like layouts, buttons, automations and a new spin on integrations called Packs. Today it all comes together with Coda 1.0ーincluding a new mobile experience for everyone (for iPhone users, there's also an appーAndroid app coming soon). I've been saying this phrase "docs as powerful as apps" since we started the company. Some people get it right away. But usually people pull out a phone and say, "you mean apps like this?" And I say "well. Not yet." With today's launch of Coda 1.0, I can now say, "Yes! just like an app on your phone." You can read more in my blog post here. I can't wait to see what you make with it. Shishir
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@shishirmehrotra great work! looking forward to the Android app. Any schedule for that?
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@choco_chu Coming soon! I'm actually an Android user myself and our experience on Android is quite good (sans app) since it's very easy to pin Coda docs to your home screen so they feel "just like apps". I have a home screen full of Coda docs now 😄
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@shishirmehrotra Great launch and such an incredible product! Looking forward to seeing how I can streamline what would traditionally be multiple docs in a simplified UI! Also love the cross-platform integrations.
@shishirmehrotra Looks great, but do you do any kind of privacy invasive tracking like Notion does (Fullstory)? Thanks a lot!
We've use Coda at Intercom for a year or so in many many many ways, everything from our product roadmaps to our program planning, it's a powerful product that has achieved a rare feat and taken us away from Google Docs for things. Recommended.
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I'm very excited to see this launch. After using Coda for over a year now this software has become the operative system for how we run our company. We are doing so much with Coda, from setting goals, to tracking user feedback and linking it to product features, to onboarding new clients. The last releases (Packs, Layouts, Automation, iPhone App) have put this product way ahead of all other tools I know of in this space and I'm super excited to see what is to come for Coda 1.0!
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I was intrigued when Coda claimed to have reinvented the document. Turns out, they did. I've been using Coda everyday since I signed up. We use it as CRM, a product development roadmap and scrum board, and everything in between. Plus, they have the BEST support around. Cannot wait to have access to my docs on the go with this latest release!
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We're using Coda across our teams to plan projects and collaborate, and the speed at which it's spread across the company is testament to how great it is! Being able to have different types of data in one place (spreadsheets, docs, automation) makes it SO much easier to keep everything together in one place.


Easy collaboration, multiple data types in one place, handy automation, flexible. Docs can be as simple or as complex as you like.


The only con was using on mobile, but that's fixed now!

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