Screenshare and remote control built into Android & iOS apps

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Cobrowse provides mobile SDKs for Android & iOS to add screenshare and remote control seamlessly into your apps.

Really useful for customer support for mobile apps, and also remote management of point-of-sales and other kiosk-type apps.

Nate Wilson
Stewart Watts
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  • Pros: 

    Really easy setup and makes customer service much less painful


    Clarify when screen shared vs. controlled

    Very clean and streamlined product

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Andy Pritchard
Andy PritchardMaker@headlessmee · Co-founder at Coggle &
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @kwdinc for featuring us. Cobrowse provides mobile SDKs for Android & iOS to add screenshare and remote control seamlessly into your apps. Cobrowsing with an end-user removes the guesswork from customer support, and produces happier resolutions in much less time :) It’s also been popular with point-of-sales and kiosk apps for remote management of their apps in the field. Myself in UK and cofounder John in SF are excited to bring Cobrowse technology to the mobile app space in a way that’s friendly to companies of all sizes. We host the service for you, or enterprises can self-host as well. Try our online demo at A couple questions: - What companies/apps do you think this would be good for? (we think travel, financial, and b2b business apps might be good fits…) - If you might consider this for use in your own apps, what barriers or open questions can we better address up front? - Key features you’d like to see to make it even more exciting? :) We’d love to get some feedback and John and I are happy to answer questions! Thanks, Andy
Ethan Kravitz
Ethan Kravitz@ethosventures · Engineer, CTO, Investor, Crypto Junky
Looks promising. FullStory is on the best product tools ever made and the one thing missing is native mobile support. This doesn't look 100% identical, but excited to try it.
Roland Clifford
Roland Clifford@roland_hovsepyan · videomaker
no bad, should be do better
Arnetha LaRhonda Bennett
Arnetha LaRhonda Bennett@arnetha_larhonda_bennett · Atwater
I don’t want here that guys I’ll just like do this is so good 100% product Hunt was tools everywhere support?