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Reveal your relationship’s expiration date

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  • Marcus DavenportFounder & CEO at Fitly



    Out of the product wheelhouse. Looks silly.

    Work on something to help my viewing experience. You already took away ratings which means I now risk wasting time on movies I won't like so I actually am hesistant and watch less than I normally would.

    So please focus on the product and leave the gimmicks to Facebook lol

    Marcus Davenport has never used this product.
  • Kristina PlummerCreative Director, Present Company




    Really guys? 😣 How about a planet expiration date that helps others understand their impact on the planet? Waste of brilliant minds & marketing dollars. Le sigh.

    Kristina Plummer has used this product for one day.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Uh-oh. This is dangerous. Don't use this if you're in a serious relationship. 😂
Aaron Jackson@aaronjackson_co · Graphic/Web Designer
@rrhoover and only check the countdown with the corporation of your significant other.
Joshua Voydik@joshvoydik · Founder, Mindful Makers
@rrhoover Ryan, I like your heart.
Joshua Voydik@joshvoydik · Founder, Mindful Makers
This Black Mirror episode was so good.
Aaron Jackson@aaronjackson_co · Graphic/Web Designer
I’m very tempted to check my relationship’s expiration date. Let me go grab my wife first.
andre ragimar@andreragimar · Love ad blockers
Looks good. I'll try.
Joshua Voydik@joshvoydik · Founder, Mindful Makers
It worked a couple times but was pretty broken a lot of the time.