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I sell digital "things" for a living. Books, themes, courses, plugins... stuff life that. When I discovered Coach, it felt like I'd found my "all-in-one" solopreneur home. It's a big reason I've been able to earn an independent income this year. I ❤️ it!
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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks for hunting us @mijustin. So happy to have you as one our biggest supporters. Nine months ago, we launched Coach on Product Hunt, and we’ve come a long way since then. Today, we’re helping over 3,500 customers make a living off their passions, and just launched a brand new website to boot (woot!). So, what’s new with Coach? We’ve built the very best platform for creators and entrepreneurs to sell their digital products like eBooks, templates, worksheets, and large scale online courses. We’ve also worked really hard on the design of our product-builders, the sales page for your digital products, and the admin side of the product (which your customers will see and love!). But as many of you may know, before you can sell digital products, you need an audience. Knowing this, we’ve added a landing page builder / email capture tool, which you can use to capture leads. When it comes to nurturing those leads, you can use Coach to do all of your email marketing, from one-time newsletters to full on drip marketing campaigns. And while we think of our landing page builder and email marketing tools as “supportive features” for digital products, with all three together, Coach gives you a complete picture of your business, with the best analytics, reporting, and data, all in one place. The best part? These new updates give our customers everything they need to build their businesses, so they can focus on the fun stuff, like connecting with customers and making a living off their passions. Just like last time, I’ll be here all day to answer any questions you have. You can also reach out to me via spencer@withcoach.com, @spencerfry on Twitter or on live chat on our website. I hope you like Coach 2.0!
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Love the branding, although I thought this was a relaunch of @tonystubblebine's coach.me. 🤔
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@rrhoover Thanks a ton, Ryan! Awesome to launch 2.0 on PH after such success launching 1.0.
@rrhoover that was my tought.
@rrhoover @tonystubblebine crikey, same. Wasn't until I came back here and read your comment that I realised it wasn't.
@rrhoover I thought that as well 😛 and the logo is similar
Gorgeous. Totally gorgeous!
@pjrvs Thanks so much Paul! cc @mackenziechild
@pjrvs Thanks so much man!! 😊
🎥 Product Hunters might like this behind-the-scenes video of our site design: https://youtu.be/ploUkN1Y2Ak
@spencerfry That was pretty fun to watch! Thanks for sharing :)