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  • Tejaswi R
    Tejaswi RBuilding @TypitoHQ. Ex @VWO @Pipe_monk

    LOVE the realtime collaboration feature. It's amazingly simple and fast to collaborate


    Some best practices will help. For eg, if I typed something about customers, it could ask more questions to structure thoughts

    Amazingly simple and clutter free UI to build a business model canvas. One click share. What you see is what you get :)

    Ideal for educational course batches, startup incubators etc who are studying business modelling.

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  • Pros: 

    Free, clean and intuitive design, great "Help" section


    I don't see any

    Never heard about this methodology before, loved the execution and "Help" page that clearly described how to use this canvas. Great work and I appreciate this being 100% free.

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Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
Hi, my name is Ivo and I am a founder of In those days, when the Lean movement begun, I discovered a wonderful tool – Lean Canvas. It allows to look at the whole idea from the top in a few minutes after it leaped to your mind. We all know that if you have something brilliant in your mind, it's usually like a mess in the begining. With Lean Canvas you can organize this chaos. I have been helping my customers to build startups that’s why I immediately started to use this new tool in my work. Today I use the Lean Canvas to test all my ideas as it helps me to decide whether I should start realizing the idea or I have to improve it before. I'm sure that many of you, who are reading this, either use or know this tool. I created this service for you. And yes, it doesn’t require registration and it is completely free forever. I'll be glad to receive your feedback and suggestions so feel free to write here or to my email
Thomas Leitermann
Thomas Leitermann@thomasleiterman · Product Manager, inovex
Great idea & great solution! I've always hated doing Canvases in Powerpoint - this is such a huge time saver!! I'll add a request for a Value Proposition Canvas - oh and I can't seem to find the switch to the Lean Canvas...
Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
@thomasleiterman thank you . I'm definitely will add more canvases in future 🚀
Miftakhul Farikhin
Miftakhul Farikhin@miftakhul_farikhin · entrepreneur wannabe
There is another website that work like this: Then what about the security on your website? I think many people dont want to let other people know what it is inside canvas they've built.
Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
@miftakhul_farikhin thank you for your question. Yes, there are many different tools for making canvases, but almost all not for free. They all have the security issue, because nobody can guarantee (even for money) to you that your idea will be in safe place. I made this service for myself and decided to share with producthunt's users for free. If you don't share the link to your canvas yourself nobody can't steal your data. uses Google Firebase Server and there is no way to pick your canvas id. You always have to know that it's only your choice to use this services or not. I'm only can try to do your experience better.
Bradley Poulette
Bradley Poulette@bradleypoulette · Product Manager & Founder
Ivo, this is awesome. As someone who's constantly in the process of market validation, this is awesome. Way better than printing something out. Have you thought about doing something similar for creating customer personas? Could be an interesting monetizable add-on.
Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
@bradleypoulette thank you for you feedback. I recommend to take a look at product from my friend – This is tool for Personas and Customer Journey Map 😉
Adam Manter
Adam Manter@adammanter · I make shit on my computer
I love simple little tools like this, great job! 👍🏼 And heads up, the logo on your help page goes to "https://cnvs.oinline/", there's an extra i in there. haha
Ivo Dimitrov
Ivo DimitrovMaker@gogola · Product Director at Modulbank
@adammanter thank you and I fixed the link 😇