ClusterCards 2

A business card scanner that lets you skip the typing

#4 Product of the DayOctober 04, 2019
ClusterCards 2 is a whole new, easy to use business card scanner. Just snap a picture of any business card and ClusterCards lets you skip the typing by automatically finding and transcribing all the key information, such as emails and phone numbers.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunt, Last year, I launched version 1 on Product Hunt and received tons of great feedback and comments. This year, I'm back with ClusterCards 2, a complete redesign of my business card scanner app that adds awesome, highly requested features such as multiple scans at once with QuickScan and advanced Siri Shortcuts support on iOS 13. Additionally, ClusterCards 2 also adds support for suggested and quick actions, making it much quicker for you to contact people with one tap. I have been hard at work on ClusterCards 2 for the past few months and can't wait to be able to finally launch it. As I've said since my initial launch, I made the app after trying tons of existing business card scanners and not finding the perfect one, which is why I wanted to make my own. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions or feedback! If you enjoy it, please consider sharing it. Julian P.S.: I’m currently running a ClusterCards+ Lifetime giveaway! I’m tweeting promo codes randomly over the next few hours—see if you can catch one!
@iamjustjs Congrats on the launch! I imagine you've seen a lot of different business cards, what are some of the most interesting designs you've seen?
@jakecrump Thanks! Vertical business cards are both interesting and annoying, especially as they don't work very well in a vertical phone interface!
Wow! Looks very useful. I can’t wait when I try it) Congratulations!
I love the interface, I love the iCloud sync as well :)
I never found use in business card scanners... they all didn't do the trick for me or didn't do the job good enough. ClusterCards is about to change my view on that, really great job Julian!
@swisschris Thanks, I hope you enjoy the app!
Android version in the works? :)
@anna_0x iOS only for now!